Find Your Solace

There is so much emotionally going on for me right now, I don’t even know how to begin this post. I’m not in the mood to complain or explain the story over and over again. And yet I have a very strong desire to connect, to feel loved and that everything will be okay.

I was realizing a moment ago how fitting it is at this time in my life when I am deciding to fully embrace myself artistically, there is also an interesting life crescendo happening.

All I can say is,

THANK GAWD I am creating art. 

Thank god that it had become a priority BEFORE all these changes began happening, and all the feelings and the stress.

I had no clue that at just the moment when I was deciding just be an artist, that my soul and my heart would actually need it more than anything.

So I’m checking in on all of you. It seems like life is really rocky for a lot of people now, full of so many changes and waves and tears and explosions, and pain. Maybe some of us know that it will lead to growth, (which is what I believe) but regardless, it seems to be very hard.

I’m sending you all love that you have your solace. That you have a place you can go where you can feel your feelings, where your heart can be open and full and alive and you are able to remember what a gift you truly are.

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