Ron Mueck

As I was browsing through Pinterest, I came across this hilariously realistic sculpturist. Ha!!! Sometimes art can be so damn serious and then you find a gift like this. Ron creates this huge hyperrealistic human sculptures that are all a bit funny and ridiculous. Check him out! Wow. Reminds me to not take art (or life) quite so seriously. I think I can always play a little more… 🙂

Ron Mueck again

Ron Mueck


Leandro Erlich

I’ve always had a thing for large art installations that only work in expensive museums because who are we kidding, no one is going to purchase one for their house.
But how incredibly amazing!

I just discovered this guy, and love that his work defies gravity and introduces illusions on a large scale. Woa. I love his work! It questions reality right away.



Dan Lam

I was browsing through Instagram, like I do,..

When I came across this frickin’ cool artist, Dan Lam.

Check out these funky town blobs and drips! Ha!


What a crazy fun kick ass artist. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

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