Precious again

I just finished the previous ‘precious’ blog post, and then I realized..

I. Have. More. To. Write.

This whole concept of PRECIOUS fits for all areas of life, not just making art! I hadn’t recognized that before, but it’s true. If anything in our lives is TOO PRECIOUS, that we feel we need to BE CAREFUL, we will never let it blossom into what it’s here to be.

This is a funny realization because just a couple of days ago I had written in my art journal about never wanting anyone to BE CAREFUL WITH ME. I love passionate, honest, raw interactions, and I never ever ever want someone to feel like they need to HANDLE ME WITH CARE, as if I will break.

Maybe part of what life is about is loving ourselves enough that we welcome honesty and surround ourselves with people that will speak the truth to us in a loving, respectful way.

Since I am this mother now, (I feel more and more like a mom even in my stepmom status) I usually think about how all of my learnings effect the kids in our lives. Teaching them to not need people to TIPTOE AROUND THEM, TREAD LIGHTLY, SPEAK HALF TRUTHS.

Don’t we want our kids to embrace the realness they see in others, desire honesty, and learn from mistakes? Then we need to be willing to do the same.

Finally the rain has stopped! The sun is already shining and all I want to do is be outside. I think I’m going to take my paper and pens and draw OUT THERE. I’ve been dying for Vitamin D.

I was working on this new thing yesterday, and I have no idea how it’ll turn out. I think the NOT KNOWING is what used to cause me a lot of anxiety before. That’s probably why I just drew in my art journal so I wouldn’t have to feel the feelings of heading in the wrong direction or making a mistake. Oh the pain of



But now for some reason, I’m enjoying the newness, the curiosity!

Oh! And I’ve realized something.

In order for us (all of us) to make work. Probably any kind of work, we can’t see it as precious. We can’t see it as the best thing we have ever done and that it must be regarded with extreme care and tip toed around.

We have to be willing to take risks, and listen to those hits of intuition. If what we make is TOO SPECIAL and PRECIOUS it causes us to be TOO scared we will mess it up.

If we see everything as just play and curiosity, and we know we are constantly evolving our work, our life, then it’s not PRECIOUS, never to be recreated achievements,.. it’s just mirrors of our creativity that we allow to fall where they may.

Just another rant from me.

I’m going to make some very NON-precious work. ha!


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