Doodle a day!

It’s been a funky time to create art lately. Since we have shredded our garage to create a new guest bedroom, my art space had been nonexistent. It’s been really, really difficult, and most of the time find myself hunched over on a bed just to draw a bit.

The room is finally finished and my art space is just about up and running again. Ahhh!!!  I can’t wait to dive into these projects and to have the SPACE to create the area the way that it’s most creative, uplifting, exhilarating for me.

This is just a little piece I was working on last night with my watercolor pens. I love how you can go over an area again with the same color and it immediately darkens it, like watercolor I guess. Ha! I’m sure my sister will say it looks like a uterus. She sees women’s systems in everything I create. That wasn’t the intention,… but now that I’m looking at it…. hmmmm 😉

Sending everyone lots of love!


Tiny Universe

I got this idea to make these tiny pieces using texture paste and acrylic paint. It’s so fun to see how some products mix with each other. It’s a totally different experience to paint on top of the paste and it creates sort of a hazy watercolored background. I am going to cut more of these pieces today to make small little universes like this.


Supa Fine Canvases, Finally!

Years ago I thought about having a surface where I could do my tiny little drawings on as well as some acrylic painting. I don’t like painting on canvas without gessoing the hell out of it, because lots of canvas texture just isn’t my thing. I thought about it, and maybe did a little thinking, but I wasn’t prepared to figure it out.

Anyway, this time I decided to figure it out only now I am much more patient and curious. I decided to glue a pretty thick mixed media paper to the canvas. After lots of trial and error, and starting over 5-6 times, but I got it to work seamlessly! Ha!!! It’s stuck to the canvas with no bubbles, and the edges have been covered in white texture paste to hide the paper seam. Though it’s not quite finished, it’s only taken a couple of hours and will be done in no time. Ahhhhhhh!

Now I can work on canvases of all shapes and sized with soft deliciously fine paper over the top! Yesssssssssssssss!

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