Callen Schaub

“The exercise in letting go….” Says Callen when describing his art.

He creates his colorful work using lots of paint and motion. It’s incredible what can be created when there is movement and play involved! Wow! And really, movement for me is so true of the creative process so I understand the use of it along with paint.

It’s interesting, he’s gotten a lot of negative feedback for his work. People have said he’s wasting paint, or that he’s not really an artist because he’s throwing paint around, etc. It’s funny how we think we can decide who’s an artist and who’s not.

If art is about evoking feelings, then he’s done it on many levels.

What are your thoughts?

callen piece

callen doubt


KwangHo Shin

The first time I saw the paintings by this South Korean artist, I was intrigued. The facial details are mostly gone, and yet it’s as if they are alive in front of us. Swirling with emotions and intentions, as if the people are real behind the colors.

I love that the literal parts of the faces are covered in this almost childlike splattering of colorful paint. And yet, regardless of the bright bold colors, there is something almost haunting about losing the details of the faces. Our minds fill in the space… What an experience.

Kwangho shin painting

Bee Locke

I got myself caught up browsing through Instagram, like I do,… when I noticed this girls super intensely detailed cool chic work. Woa. Wood burning! Never knew much about it, but now I’m intrigued. Her pieces are delicate and intricate and feature the natural world. Everything is hand done by her. It looks like much of what she creates is wearable. Wow… I can’t believe it’s wood burning!



Ron Mueck

As I was browsing through Pinterest, I came across this hilariously realistic sculpturist. Ha!!! Sometimes art can be so damn serious and then you find a gift like this. Ron creates this huge hyperrealistic human sculptures that are all a bit funny and ridiculous. Check him out! Wow. Reminds me to not take art (or life) quite so seriously. I think I can always play a little more… 🙂

Ron Mueck again

Ron Mueck


Jill Gallenstein

I was browsing through Pinterest this morning. Something I rarely do now that I’m totally caught up in Instagram, when I came across these lovely detailed illustrations by Jill Gallenstein.

I am loving these ephemeral floral designs etched with a little bit of sadness and hope and otherworldness.

Wow! Check her out:


Leandro Erlich

I’ve always had a thing for large art installations that only work in expensive museums because who are we kidding, no one is going to purchase one for their house.
But how incredibly amazing!

I just discovered this guy, and love that his work defies gravity and introduces illusions on a large scale. Woa. I love his work! It questions reality right away.



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