Dan Lam

I was browsing through Instagram, like I do,..

When I came across this frickin’ cool artist, Dan Lam.

Check out these funky town blobs and drips! Ha! https://www.instagram.com/sopopomo/



What a crazy fun kick ass artist. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Susan Behnke

Browsing through Instagram, I came across this frickin’awesome artist, Susan Behnke.

I love how detailed her faces are and yet her pieces are so wild and playful and fast. They make me feel like I’m running through a circus late at night. Wow!!

Check her out, you really should! http://www.susanbehnke.com/

Erin Gregory

Just hangin’ out checking my Instagram, (okay I may officially be addicted) and I came across this lovely artist.

She does a lot of huge floral pieces with oils and acrylics. Usually I’m not a floral girl, but her work feels very raw and wild, despite it being lovely bouquets. I love the organic, passionate, painterly feel.

Check it out! http://www.efgart.com/

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